Thai Yoga Massage

Individual Sessions

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing art rooted in the practice of metta (loving kindness) which combines yoga asana, acupressure and meditation to restore and harmonize the body and mind. It relieves muscle and joint tension, frees energetic blockages and leaves the receiver relaxed and revitalized. Sometimes referred to as the lazy man’s yoga, Thai bodywork takes place fully clothed and without oils. It works the entire body focusing on the sen lines and creates a flowing dance between the giver and the receiver. A session generally lasts 60- 90 minutes, although variations are available to suit the individual’s needs.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a system of using breath, movement and meditation to improve wellbeing, heal injury, restore vitality and manage symptoms of chronic conditions. Jeanette offers individualized private and group lessons to people, hospitals, nursing homes and organizations.

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Private Trainings

Private Thai Trainings available to couples, Yoga teachers, Massage and Physical Therapists. CE’s available.

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Compassionate Elder Care

After almost twenty years in the long term care industry, Jeanette combines her extensive knowledge with Yogic principles and mindfulness practices to create a quality life for those living in long term care.